News Question of the week: What does a place in the nursing home cost?

News Question of the week: What does a place in the nursing home cost? News always well informed

Friday, 11.08.17 , written by Annabell Meyer The statutory long-term care insurance offers only partially comprehensive coverage to people in need of care. This is especially felt by nursing home residents. Because they not only have to contribute to the care costs, but also pay for the accommodation and food from their own pockets. Month by month the expenses add up. But what exactly does a place in a nursing home cost?  The food must pay home residents completely self

  • The move to a nursing home is emotionally and financially stressful.
  • Nationwide, people in need of care, a place in the nursing home on average around 1,700 euros per month, as a study of the PKV Association shows.
  • Those who do not provide additional care insurance can barely lift such amounts and thus risk financial pressure on themselves and their relatives.

With the second stage of the nursing reform, care has improved considerably. As a result, people in need of care no longer have to contribute more to the care costs in the home as their care needs increase. Instead, a fixed amount applies to nursing home residents, which is independent of the level of care required. For people with low care needs, however, this means a higher financial burden. On the other hand, people who have a high level of care are significantly relieved.

Nevertheless, the care in the home remains expensive. Because in addition to the own contribution sufferers have to pay further costs such as food and accommodation completely themselves. Nationwide, it costs a place in the nursing home on average about 1,700 euros per month , as a new study by the Association of Private Health Insurance Association (PKV Association) shows. In it, the costs for 11,400 retirement homes in Germany were determined. Depending on the region, there are sometimes serious price differences.


In Thuringia nursing home residents pay the lowest care costs

The money from the statutory long-term care insurance covers only part of the costs for the nursing care in the old people’s home. The remaining amount must be paid by the person in need of care.

How much the own contribution for a place in the nursing home costs, depends on the respective institution. The study of the private health insurance association reveals big differences nationwide . Thus, the own share in a nursing home in Thuringia is on average 246 euros per month. With monthly payments of around € 858, senior citizens in Saarland or Berlin pay more than three times as much.

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What other costs do nursing home residents pay?

For the own contribution for the care costs the expenses for accommodation and food as well as investment costs, for example for renovations in the home, are added. These must be worn by the residents themselves. Here, too, the states differ sometimes severely, as confirmed by the current figures of the PKV association, the procontra present.

While, for example, meals in Lower Saxony and Brandenburg do not even cost 150 euros per month, in North Rhine-Westphalia an average of almost 420 euros is due per month. Also for the accommodation, the facilities require different amounts depending on the region. In Bavaria, those in need of care pay around 291 euros for this, and in Thuringia 545 euros again.

If there are financial bottlenecks, the children have to step in

Even if people in need of care find a comparatively cheap nursing home, they often have to spend more than 1,000 euros a month after deducting the statutory care benefits. For many people, this is difficult to manage. Thus , the home costs eat not only their pension, but also their savings .

If those affected can not pay themselves, their children will be held responsible. Depending on their income, they are required to pay part of their parents’ home expenses. In order to avoid financial bottlenecks in the case of long-term care, it is recommended to make provision in good time with a private long-term care insurance. This helps to close the care gap.

How Expensive is a Nursing Home in Germany?

The total share that patients need to raise in the home arises when all other costs are combined with the own contribution for the nursing care. Nationwide, the total cost is on average around 1,700 euros. The leader is North Rhine-Westphalia with 2,163 euros a month . Home-dwellers in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have to pay just under half as much and therefore least. There, a place in the nursing home costs on average around 1,104 euros.