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St. Mary’s/Maris Stella Council
Proud to be Fourth Degree

St. Mary's/Maris Stella Council #2228 is proud to be a member of Cardinal Mercier Assembly, which upholds the values of the Fourth Degree,  Patriotism. They exemplify Patriotism in many ways, such as Decorating the graves of military personnel at Pinelawn National Cemetery in Farmingdale, Long Island. St. Mary's/Maris Stella Council has had several Sir Knights rise to the level of Faithful Navigator, and many more proudly serve in the Honor Guard. The Assembly meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at various councils within our jurisdiction. Contact your Fourth Degree Chairman for more details.

The most visible arm of the Knights of Columbus and the Assembly is our Honor Guard of the Fourth Degree. The Honor Guard proudly represent the Knights of Columbus at countless parades, council functions, Nassau Chapter functions, Fourth Degree Exemplification Ceremony, funerals of Brother Knights, and special masses, including the Annual Pro-Life Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Annual Bishop's Memorial Mass, and the Annual Mass at Our Lady of the Island Shrine in Eastport, Long Island.

St. Mary's/Maris Stella Council urges all Fourth Degree Sir Knights to consider joining the Honor Guard and also encourages all Knights who haven't already done so, to advance to the Fourth Degree. Check with your Council for the assembly nearest you!

Assembly Officers for 2011-2012

Faithful Friar

Rev. Thomas Moriarty, Jr.

Faithful Navigator

John N. Bois, PGK, FDD

Faithful Captain

Thomas Chojnacki GK

Faithful Admiral

Kenneth J. Karchinski PGK, PFN

Faithful Pilot

Anthony J. Ginexi

Faithful Comptroller

Damiano S. Coraci, GK

Faithful Scribe

John P. Panaro, Jr.

Faithful Purser

James Nolan

Faithful Inner Sentinels

Vincent Galante

Faithful Outer Sentinels

Paul Raphael

Faithful Patrons

Edward Corrado PGK


Anthony Edelman PGK, FDD

Faifhtul Trustees

Crispin Reyes, PGK PFN


Michael Muirhead, PGK, FDD, PFN


Frank Stallone PGK, DD. PFN