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St. Mary’s/Maris Stella Council Ladies Auxiliary

The inception of the Ladies Auxiliary of St. Mary's Council was convened at a meeting presided over by then Grand Knight George Shepard at our Council on the evening of February 2, 1953. Also present as this meeting, and equally instrumental in organizing our Auxiliary were the following Knights of Columbus: Mr. Fred Galloway, Mr. George Roe, and Mr. Charles Callahan. Also in attendance was Mrs. Louise Stanchi who was appointed temporary Chairman and subsequently under her guidance and direction a committee of ladies was formed to draw up a constitution and by-laws. elections of officers followed.

On March 23, 1953, at a meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary the happy news was announced that the Supreme Council had granted us our charter. Ever since, the Ladies Auxiliary has dedicated its efforts to assisting the men of St. Mary's Council in whatever capacity they are needed, whether it be fund raising, blood drives or social activities. Our involvement gives us a better insight into what the men are striving for and more conciliatory attitude for their time spent at the council.

Membership in the Auxiliary affords the ladies an opportunity to enjoy the companionship of other women with similar interests, while taking part in the Council's social activities.

Many women have worked hard to make the Ladies Auxiliary as effective organization and among these, too numerous to mention, are the following Past Presidents of St. Mary's Auxiliary:


Louise Stanchi 1953-54   Marilyn Struffolino 1982-83
Nancy Pettit 1955-56   Regina Galgano 1984-85
Mary Fitzpatrick 1957   Marilyn Struffolino 1986-87
Bertha Shepard 1958-59   Eileen Crawford 1988-89
Patricia McGuire 1960   Eileen Walsh 1990-91
Anita Finston 1961   Eileen Crawford 1992-93
Laura Farina 1962-63   Greta Smith 1994
Dorothy Gavin 1964-65   Gerry Mayott 1995
Josephine Imbrogno 1966-67   Greta Valdes 1996-97
Clara Rea 1968-69   Christine LaBarca 1998-99
Marie Cittadino 1970-71   Kathy Lepore 2000-02
Susan Fitzgerald 1972-73   Eileen Crawford 2002-04
Barbara Schultze 1974-75   Greta Valdes 2004-06
Mildred Di Cosola 1976-77   Pat Rosaschi 2006-08
Marilyn Shaw 1978-79   Michaeline Bowman 2008-10
Idell Martin 1980-81   Magaly Vincent 2010-2011

For further updates: http://ladiesauxiliary.webs.com

President Cali Ginexi
Vice President Dolores Panaro     
Treasurer Vita Galante
Recording Secretary Donna Cunningham
Corresponding Secretary Ann Darcy  
Financial Secretary Magaly Vincent  PP
Trustee 1 year Magaly Vncent PP
Trustee 2 year Gerry Mayott  PP
Trustee 3 year Tracy Russo PP